Comparison with easygui

EasyGUI_Qt was inspired by EasyGUI.

Here is a brief summary table of the corresponding function names for widgets with similar purpose being used in each project. This table is not complete, and is mainly provided to illustrate the different convention used when naming widgets. Please see the api for more details

EasyGUI EasyGUI_Qt Description
enterbox get_string Gets a string from the user
multenterbox get_many_strings User enters multiple values
integerbox get_int or get_integer Gets an integer from the user
  get_float Gets a float from the user
msgbox show_message Displays a messages with an “ok” button
ccbox get_continue_or_cancel Choice: continue or cancel box
ynbox get_yes_or_no Answer a question with “yes” or “no” answer as choices
choicebox get_choice User selects a single choice from a list
multichoicebox get_list_of_choices User can select multiple choices from a list
passwordbox get_password Gets string from user, the text is masked as it is typed in
textbox show_file Displays text in proportional font, with word wrapping for EasyGUI / Displays text from a file, either in monospace font or formatted if html document
codebox show_code Displays text in monospace font, with no word wrapping
diropenbox get_directory_name Returns the name of a directory
fileopenbox get_file_names Returns the name of a file / list of files for EasyGUI_Qt
filesavebox get_save_file_name Returns the name of a file
exceptionbox handle_exception Displays a traceback